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Free Parking in Aspen!

Electric Vehicles, such as those offered through Aspen Electric Cars, are permitted to park for free in the City of Aspen’s “Downtown Core.” Whether shopping or riding the gondola for a few ski runs, you can say goodbye to guessing the length of your stay, paying the parking meter and putting the receipt on your dash. You can park for free for up to 4 hours with your new electric vehicle from Aspen Electric Cars!

Manufacturers Represented:

Aspen Electric Cars represents a wide selection of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles. (NEVs) We currently represent GEM, Zap!, ZENN, and California Roadster. Offering multiple brands helps us better meet the needs of our clients, by matching them with the proper vehicle for their needs. Through our parent company Perkins Motor Co, we have many vehicles in stock and can custom order a vehicle to meet your specific requirements. We encourage you to browse our in stock vehicles and contact us regarding any questions your may have.

GEM Motors

Located in Fargo, North Dakota, Global Electric Motorcars manufactured its first vehicle in April 1998 as a 48-volt GEM car that accommodated two passengers and had a top speed of 20 mph. Less than two months later, a significant breakthrough occurred in the market as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) designated a new class of motor vehicle, the low-speed vehicle (LSV), also known as the neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV). The low-speed vehicle class allowed GEM cars to be driven on public roads if they met certain safety criteria such as having safety belts, headlamps, windshield wipers, and safety glass. GEM cars always come equipped with these safety features making them a benchmark in the industry. Visit Company Website…


Since 1994 ZAP has been a world leader for electric and advanced technology vehicles, delivering more than 100,000 electric vehicles in more than 75 countries. Whether it’s a Xebra Sedan electric car or Xebra Truck, Zapino or Zappy 3 scooter, we can help you go green today with 100% electric and solar-electric hybrid transportation. Visit Company Website…


As a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of electric vehicles, our goal is to provide drivers with a quality urban transportation solution that positively impacts our environment and greatly reduces operating cost. Working with our internationally respected partners, we bring the world’s finest zero-emission vehicles to you – setting the standard for what electric vehicles can be. The culmination of this passion for quality is the ZENN™, the luxury Neighborhood Electric Vehicle. Visit Company Website…

JH Global – STAR

Based out of South Carolina, JH Global offers a wide range of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles, ranging from 2 to 6 passenger cars up to 14 passenger shuttles. By providing electric vehicle to US customers while reaching out to suppliers across the continents, JH Global can help vehicle owners reduce costs with quality electric vehicle products. Operated by partners with years of industrial experience in manufacturing, management, and customer service, JHG provides local warehousing and support for the products it offers. Visit Company Website…

Available Vehicles:

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