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Shae Singer in an H3

Shae Singer in an H3

Once upon a time in a beautiful and well known mountain community in Colorado called Aspen, there lived two people who loved the mountains, the town and all that the little valley with a big name had to offer.

Shae owned unique flower and gift shops up and down the Roaring Fork Valley.  The stores were a little bit different, smelled great, and were filled with flowers and handmade gifts. They had a big following and touched the lives of many people. Shae sat on many boards : the Chamber of commerce, Commercial core and lodging commission, Aspen Ski company Ambassador,  Aspen Valley Hospital Pet therapy program to name a few.  Whenever she had free time she traveled, and freelanced in the television and film industry.

James has owned restaurants, worked in the automotive industry, was coach to hundreds of kids in the Hockey program for over 30 years and the lead dog ski bum on Aspen mountain for more years than we are allowed to count.. not missing a ski day for over 7 years!  James is also the owner /operator of a contracting business beautifying peoples homes and businesses.  When James had time from his busy schedule he explored the world, skied many remote mountains and created innumerable business ideas in his head.  He always was happy to get back to Aspen to his beloved Golden Retrievers.

James Bond co owner of Aspen Electric Cars in his 1955 porshe spyder 100% electric car

James Bond co-owner of Aspen Electric Cars in his 1955 Porsche Spyder 100% electric car

One day they looked around the small town of Aspen and realized that it had grown and was now facing many of the same issues found in cities and communities around the country.  Parking problems, traffic, noise and carbon emissions were rampant.

James, always the dreamer and inventor and Shae the doer and organizer, decided that they would buy a couple of electric cars for themselves… making a difference two people at a time.  Of course with a background in Retail and creative Ideas they were certain others would want a fun little neighborhood electric car.  Therefore buying 4 made more sense than 2 .. And so it began.. ASPEN ELECTRIC CARS was born.

Aspen Electric Cars represents, through Perkins Motor Company, several manufacturers of electric cars and we ship the vehicles  ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.  We are constantly looking and learning about new models to share with you.  AEC prides itself on customer service from the time you express interest in an electric vehicle thru the buying process and maintenance programs.  Shae and James travel to conferences, shows and manufacturing plants to learn all they can and pass this knowledge onto you.  Shae has worked with the State of Colorado Legislature to regulate and create incentives for the use of plug in and alternative fuel vehicles.

Mike with a Zap! electric car.

Service Manager Mike Ogburn with a ZAP! electric car, and his home's 1.9kW solar array in the background.

Mike Ogburn joined Aspen Electric Cars as Service Manager in September 2008, bringing with him over 10 years of experience in hybrid and electric vehicles.  He’s a mechanical engineer from Virginia Tech who’s worked with the Rocky Mountain Institute, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, at Ford Motor Company on the Hybrid Escape SUV, and on several hydrogen powered vehicles over the years.  If you have technical questions, if your vehicle needs service, or you’d like to investigate aftermarket upgrades such as solar panels, stereos, or even heated seats (we *are* in Aspen after all) Mike can handle it for you. Mikes love of the mountains and his adventurous spirit make him a perfect part of AEC.  Just ask Mike… well… anything. If he doesn’t know the answer he will find it for you.

Now with representatives in Crested Butte and Aspen as well as our parent company in Colorado Springs, Perkins Motor Company, we can PLUG YOU IN to an electric vehicle that suits all your needs.

Perkins Motor City Dodge

Perkins Motor City Dodge, Colorado Springs

John from Butte Electric Townie Cars. Crested Butte, CO

John O'Neal Butte Electric Townie Cars. Crested Butte.